Poker Psychology: FU! I Swear....But It's OK!

Has the foul mouth finally found a venue that approves?  Well, to some degree.  This area of Poker Psychology has also caught the attention of the WSOP, who has come up with some guidelines for what is appropriate at the table as far as cursing is concerned.  Foul language is not accepted as a general rule in the public arena.  Many words that we consider to be cussing, swear words or foul language actually had innocent beginnings.  Such as the word 'bitch', which originally defined a female dog, but is now commonly used as an insult and is found to be offensive.  Another example would be the word 'bastard'.  Originally used to define someone who was born out of wedlock, it also is now commonly used as an offensive insult.  Swearing is pretty much a universal occurrance, and is practiced in just about every corner of the globe.  This universality caught the attention of the Psychological community, and it was decided that this warranted some further investigation. 

What the Psychological professionals determined, which is also what has linked this topic to Poker Strategy, is that cursing can actually have some very positive benefits to it.  Lessening tension and releasing frustration through cursing actually serves an important psychological function and is now categorized as good for you!!  It is strongly believed that if you 'let off some steam' through a cursing bought, you are less likely to express your frustration in a violent or reckless manner.  What has in the past earned you a potential citation and/or fine for disorderly conduct, is now accepted in the poker room, as long as it follows acceptable guidelines.  The healthy cursing outlet is in 'directionless cursing' - meaning that you are not directing the cursing at an individual as an offensive attack.  Those players who feel frustrated and anxious and share it through some venting using colorful vocabulary (curse words), will feel less stressed, less pressured, and will play better as a result.  Players who direct the cursing at another player or players are subject to discipline by the poker room authorities as this is not acceptable behavior.  The WSOP, online poker rooms, and other formal poker events have taken this Poker Psychology topic and applied it in order to facilitate a more relaxed and stress free environment during their events. 

So there you have it poker buffs, strait from the professionals of Online Poker Psychology.  Now are we giving you permission to cuss at the dinner table in front of Grandma, oh Hell no!!  But at the poker table, as long as you curse with your manners in tact, well, it's ok.....I swear it is!!  When you feel the pressure building and you need to let off some steam....just belt out a few cuss words and you'll find the blood pressure lowering and that you will feel a little bit better.  For those of you who are playing online poker at your office or in public, you might want to belt it out online through the chat function instead to save yourself some grief!!

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