Money Management

When it comes to Online Poker Money Management, statistics show that players who struggle with maintaining their roll during live poker play, struggle even more with it when playing online poker.  The numbers also show that even those who consistently win in live play poker have a very difficult time managing their roll when playing online.  Why is this?  Well managing money during online gaming takes considerably more discipline and self control.  There are several reasons for this, such as the facts that the game moves much quicker, the players are stronger, and when you're in the privacy of your own home, there is no one to see you go off the deep end.  We've put together a few simple rules that will assist you in developing a strong Online Poker Money Management playing style as part of your established Poker Strategy.   

First and foremost, play within your bankroll.  This means adhering to wise limits for each round.  The minimum standard to set for yourself is to never play with more than 5% of your roll in play at any one time.  If you follow this simple rule, you can never go broke from one hand.  Serious players adhere to even more stringent boundaries, such as a 1% or 2% limit.  Obviously the size of your roll matters.  The larger the roll, the smaller you should make the maximum percentage you allow to be in play at any given time.  This is a very strategic and protective part of Online Poker Money Management. 

Secondly, do not become obsessed with micro managing the balance of your roll.  This leads to emotional decisions, which are typically the wrong decisions.  If your balance is behind, it will cause you to creep towards a depressed feeling and will drive you to chase your losses and take bigger risks, breaking the first rule over and over.  This is a path of self destruction in most cases and leads to going broke.  If your balance is ahead, it may cause you to get over confident or eager, and may drive you to take bigger risks since you've 'got some to spare'.  Another self destructive tendency that will lead to going broke. The best thing to do is follow rule number one, and stick to that number.  Most winning sessions are a slow, steady grind, whereas most loosing moments are a quick drop.  Don't get swept up in the anxiety of obsessive balance monitoring. 

Our third rule is to not ignore your human needs.  If you are hungry, uncomfortable, exhausted, or mentally distracted, then your game will be affected.  Hunger causes us to function at far below optimal levels.  You can't think quickly or proficiently, and you'll be distracted by the hunger or outside stimuli too easily.  Comfort is another distraction which can cause big problems and in the long run, can be damaging to you physically.  No matter how well a game is going, if you are exhausted, you will begin to make mistakes.  Pay attention to what your body is telling you and stop and get some rest should you find exhaustion setting in.  You don't want the regrets of loosing everything just because you were too tired and wouldn't stop while you were ahead.  Lastly, mental distractions from work, home, or any other pressure will cause you to make detrimental mistakes that could cost you big.  If you can't play with a clear head, then it's not a good time to be playing at all.  When working on developing your Online Poker Money Management skills, remembering that you are, only human, will make a big difference.

Our last and probably most important rule is to treat the game seriously.  One example is to not play just because you're bored.  This can lead to enormous problems.  When we choose an activity out of boredom, we're looking to push the envelope and do something stimulating.  If you're having a slow game that is just status quot, it is possible that you'll make dumb mistakes to try to heat up the action.  You should only play online poker if you are really wanting to experience the game, not if you're just looking for 'something' to do.  Limiting distractions is another way to take the game seriously.  Know your limits.  If having the television or radio on is distracting to you, then make sure you're in a quiet room where you can focus on the game at hand. 

Following these rules will ensure that you don't loose it all due to poor Poker Money Management.  However, breaking any of these guidelines at all can lead to disastrous consequences.  Patiently building your roll through slow and steady play is the absolute best approach in all cases.  Pushing the high risk scenarios to win big and win quickly can cause you to loose big and loose quickly.  This approach does contradict other online gambling platforms. Such as playing slots, to win the jackpot, you must play with the maximum bet.  Poker is a completely different animal, and is not solely left up to chance like slot games are.  Poker is a game of skill and decision making, hence you have more input into the outcome of your game.  Make it count!!

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